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Psychological flexibility, hypnotherapy, stress management, CBT, mindfulness, performance

with Chris People

Hypnotherapy, happiness, mood, stress, habits, sleep, performance

Men: mood and mind
A pathway to meaning, joy and inner resilience

A 6-week course to help men in their 30s to 50s learn the skills, and make the necessary changes they need, to restore the passion, purpose and resolve to their lives

sunrise, hope, resilience, mental health, well being

Would you like to feel...

  • happier and more passionate about your life?

  • less stressed and more motivated to do the things you always wanted?

  • that your life has purpose and meaning?


Our men: mood and mind course can get you where you want to be.

"I now have a toolbox of techniques to help me set and achieve goals that have a meaningful impact on my life.


I now know how to become the man I want to be"

D, Management Consultant, Brighton


"I am half way through the Men, Mood and Mind Course and I am loving it.

I have practical steps to follow and a framework that makes sense. The weekly check-ins are great for accountability."

E, Management Consultant, Brighton

Why this course?


Because, if you're reading this, maybe you too have an underlying feeling that things just aren't quite right, they just aren't quite how you wanted them.  You'd like to go though life feeling just a bit happier, or more motivated in your work or leisure time, or less stressed or overwhelmed.

You've possibly already done everything you can think of, in work and your home life, and yet you feel that there's something which might still be missing.  Or maybe you feel you're missing purpose or meaning in your life, or the drive to get you where you want to be.  Perhaps you've started to feel a sense of disconnection from the world around you. 


We get it, we’ve been there.  This is not all there has to be in your life.  Things can change, and we can help put you on the right track. Our men: mood and mind course  provides the skills and methods necessary for you to become who you really want to be.

No “woo-woo” of unscientific methods, no emotional digging into the past, no false or “toxic” positivity.  You don't need to even need to talk about your issues with the group if you don't want to.  Just functional and rapid techniques that lead us where we need to go. 


We also understand that 1-to-1 therapy and coaching can be inaccessible or inconvenient for many people.  This course aims to address that in an efficient and effective way.  The group format provides structure and accountability, as well as understanding, to you addressing your own issues, which is often all you need.  The only thing we need from you is your willingness to start and your curiosity as to what you can achieve.


Please do also see our website page on this issue for further information and our blog for further discussion on this topic.

What it is:

  • A 6-week introductory training programme for the development of resilience, psychological flexibility, happiness, and value-based living.

  • Based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness.  These are evidence-based techniques and widely supported by the scientific and clinical literature.

  • learn-by-doing course based on simple, practical exercises:  Each week we will do a quick introduction and catch up, before we then go on to practice 1 or 2 new exercises together.

  • Personalised and applied to your own life:  We all have different issues and challenges.  The beauty of our approach is that all the exercises can be applied to your own specific requirements as you progress through the course.

  • A skills-based approach:  You will be encouraged to practice the exercises learnt during the week between our sessions together, and your ability to do so will improve as the course progresses.

  • You will tailor each weekly assignment to your own needs based on the skills accumulated.

  • You can reach out for support during each week and we can help you address any issues you might be encountering

  • You will be welcome to join in with any practice sessions we run during the course duration for free and for 6 weeks thereafter.  Preferential rates/options will also be provided if you want to continue with any of our other services or sessions beyond this.  

  • This course price is £239.00.

sunrise, hope, resilience, mental health, well being

"I wasn't too keen on the idea of attending therapy, but was interested in the group [approach].  It is helpful to know that everyone struggles sometimes, and I have learnt some very useful techniques I can use in all the areas of my life..." 

A, IT Consultant, Brighton

"I was really drawn to the mindful approach Chris uses.  After only a couple of online coaching sessions I feel I have regained my confidence, am much happier in how I feel, and much more confident in my goals.  In the beginning I was a sceptical about online coaching but now I highly recommend it. " 

M.   Personal Trainer, Brighton

"When I first started working with Chris I averaged about 4 to 5 hours sleep a night. Thanks to him I now have a normal sleep pattern and this has had a huge impact on all aspects of my life. I am incredibly grateful"

A.   Engineer, Portsmouth

sunrise, hope, resilience, mental health, well being

Also what it is not:

  • A talking-based group:  You only share as much as you are comfortable with to the rest of the group.  The important thing is that you use the activities and apply them to your own problems.  No-one else needs to know what those are unless you choose to share that.  Honestly, we will be so busy applying new skills, there won’t be a huge amount of time for chit chat!

  • It does not include any emotional digging into the past.  We are interested in the here and now and what you can do, simply and efficiently, to enable you to live the life you’ve always wanted.

  • A series of lectures on theoretical psychology or neurobiology.  Sure, we may touch on these subjects to show you we are basing our methods on real science, but our time is limited, and we want to spend the time we have together on exercises and skill development.  References will however be provided for your own reading and further study.

  • Important note:  This course is not suitable for treating serious mental health disorders such as clinical depression, which is a distinct and more serious issue.  If any doubt, do speak to your GP or you can feel free to speak to us.  We are committed to always guiding you to the most appropriate course of action for your needs.



We will practice a range of evidence-based skills and techniques from CBT and ACT and these will include amongst other topics:

  • Cognitive defusion:  Understanding and detaching from the content of our thoughts.

  • Applied mindfulness:  Being present, connected and curious without judgement.

  • Relaxation training and breath work:  Taking our foot off the accelerator.

  • Values identification and living in harmony with our values.

  • Flexible thoughts:  Identifying inflexible demands and our own cognitive bias’.

  • Problem solving therapy:  Figuring out the route to our goals and preventing overwhelm.

  • Attention training: Staying focused and on track.



The next course starts in February 2022


This course is delivered via Zoom.  You will be sent out the first zoom link on registration.  Please ensure you will be comfortable and undisturbed for each session.


Who am I?

Chris People, Registered Practitioner Hypnotherapist and resilience coach (GHR registration 7341) using the cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy method.  This approach combines hypnosis, CBT and third wave therapies such as ACT with mindfulness training.  My full bio can be found here.


I look forward to working with you on your journey.  If you have any questions on the course or therapy and coaching services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

sunrise, hope, resilience, mental health, well being
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