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Hope and getting back up

Showing people that they can get back up when they stumble means they don't have to fear the challenges that lie ahead

We talk about the importance of 'hope' frequently. Building or eliciting hope is one of the most important and urgent things a therapist will do. Knowing that things can be different is important if we are struggling – that we have the ability to ‘get back up’ from where we’ve found ourselves now.

This in turn can help to generates a sense of hope and resilience for the future, a belief in oneself that they can get where they want to be, or change what they need to change. Even when that path may be slow or tiring, you have the ability to make the journey.

Sometimes the ‘thing’ that needs to be different is an external event that is within our power to change, but sometimes (and probably more frequently), the 'thing' is the way we respond, or the relationship we have with our thoughts about that challenging event or situation.

If we are looking to change our relationship with our thoughts, one of the first things we often like to do is to just start to take notice of the thoughts we are having. An introductory exercise on Noticing our Thoughts is included in our free, 3-part guide to building your resilience. You can sign up for that here:

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