-Brighton, UK-

What do I do?

I focus only on areas where hypnotherapy, a cognitive-behavioural and/or mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches have been demonstrated to be safe and effective in the scientific and clinical literature.  This is often referred to as using an 'evidence-based approach'.

Problems for which our treatments can be appropriate include:

  • Low mood, loss of direction and mid-life malaise

  • Procrastination and poor motivation

  • Sleep issues and insomnia

  • Stress management and relaxation

  • Anxiety and worry

  • Exam nerves

  • Social and public speaking anxiety

  • Confidence and assertiveness at work

  • Giving up smoking and other substances

  • Stopping unwanted habits such as nail biting

  • Managing pain and chronic illness

  • Weight management, mindless eating and exercise discipline

  • Enhancing performance in sports, business, education and your hobbies

However, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are concerned about a problem that is not listed above. I am committed to providing an open and honest approach with my clients and will only recommend a course of treatment that I believe will be effective.

Following on from a thorough assessment in our first session together, we will agree a treatment plan together, which may include one or multiple evidence-based approaches to treatment such as:

  • Hypnotic rehearsal, visualisation and exposure

  • Systematic desensitisation and stress inoculation training (SIT)

  • Mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches

  • Resilience coaching

  • Values assessment and values-based living

  • Relaxation training

  • Challenging negative beliefs (or 'cognitive disputation')

  • Problem solving therapy

  • Assertiveness and authenticity training


"When I first started working with Chris I averaged about 4 to 5 hours sleep a night. Thanks to him I now have a normal sleep pattern and this has had a huge impact on all aspects of my life. I am incredibly grateful"

A.   Engineer, Portsmouth

"I was really drawn to the mindful approach Chris uses.  After only a couple of online coaching sessions I feel I have regained my confidence, am much happier in how I feel, and much more confident in my goals.  In the beginning I was a sceptical about online coaching but now I highly recommend it. " 

M.   Personal Trainer, Brighton